Premium Quality Panjabi and Sari Print for GetUp

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This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Zigsha Corporation, a leading clothing brand, and our printing company. Zigsha Corporation approached us with a significant order to produce 10,000 custom-designed T-shirts for their upcoming promotional campaign. Through our expertise, efficient production processes, and commitment to quality, we were able to deliver exceptional results that met and exceeded Zigsha Corporations expectations.


Zigsha Corporation is a renowned clothing brand specializing in casual wear and sportswear. They have a strong reputation for producing high-quality garments and have a loyal customer base. To promote their brand and engage with their audience, they planned a large-scale marketing campaign that involved distributing custom-designed T-shirts at various events and retail outlets.



As Zigsha Corporations chosen printing company, we faced several challenges to meet their requirements for producing 10,000 T-shirts efficiently and maintaining the desired level of quality. The main challenges included:


Tight timeline: The project had a strict deadline, and any delay in production would impact Robi Corporations marketing campaign.

Customization requirements: Each T-shirt required custom printing with intricate designs and vibrant colors, necessitating meticulous attention to detail during the production process.

Quality control: Maintaining consistent print quality across such a large volume was crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and brand integrity.

Process and Solutions:

Consultation and Design Approval: Our team collaborated closely with Robi Corporations design team to understand their vision for the T-shirts. We provided expert advice on suitable printing techniques, color choices, and material selection. After multiple design iterations and approvals, we finalized the artwork and obtained the necessary sign-off.

Pre-production Preparation:To streamline the production process, we conducted thorough pre-production preparations. This involved sourcing high-quality blank T-shirts, ensuring an adequate stock of inks, and calibrating our printing equipment to achieve accurate color reproduction.

Efficient Production:To meet the tight timeline, we employed a combination of manual and automated production processes. Our skilled technicians operated state-of-the-art printing machinery to ensure precise printing placement and consistent color application. By employing a balanced approach, we optimized production speed without compromising on quality.

Quality Assurance: Quality control was a top priority throughout the production process. We implemented rigorous inspection checkpoints at various stages to identify and rectify any issues promptly. Each T-shirt underwent a final quality check to ensure that the print quality, color accuracy, and overall finish met Robi Corporations stringent standards.

Results and Impact


Timely Delivery: Despite the projects scale and complexity, we successfully delivered the entire order of 10,000 custom-printed T-shirts within the agreed timeline. This enabled Zigsha Corporation to proceed with their marketing campaign as planned, ensuring timely distribution and engagement with their target audience.

Outstanding Print Quality: The T-shirts produced showcased exceptional print quality, with vibrant colors and precise detailing. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to quality control standards ensured that each T-shirt represented the brand effectively.

Customer Satisfaction: Zigsha Corporation expressed utmost satisfaction with the final product, praising the accuracy of the design reproduction, color vibrancy, and overall garment quality. The successful collaboration further strengthened the partnership between Zigsha Corporation and our printing company.


The collaboration between Zigsha Corporation and our printing company resulted in the successful production of 10,000 custom-designed T-shirts. By leveraging our expertise, efficient production processes, and commitment to quality, we delivered exceptional results that met Zigsha Corporations expectations. The timely delivery, outstanding print quality, and overall customer satisfaction showcased our capabilities as a reliable partner for large-scale printing projects.